Dr. Dung Trinh Answers: How do you select which CBD products to choose from?

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Dr. Trinh: “How do you know what product to pick? 

How do you decide what’s a legit CBD product? 

You go to the store and there are like 10 different CBD products, right? How do you know which is the legit one? I’m going to give you some tools to determine how to pick a product. Does that sound good? There are three questions that you should ask every vendor that sells CBD. The vendor, the person selling it or the store selling it. 

There are three questions to ask. 

Number 1:: Does your product have a certificate of analysis? 

What is a certificate of analysis? It’s a document that is from a laboratory, a third party lab that has put the CBD product to the test. They’ve analyzed the product. They put it in their lab and they’ve analyzed the products. It tells you what exactly is in the products, right?  How much CBD is in there? What percentage of CBD is in there? Is there anything else besides CBD? What about the other stuff? CBN? CBG? Is it in there? Is there any THC in there? What about impurities? Are there any toxins in there? Right? Any preservatives? What about all the other junk that’s in there? So, this is a document from the lab that has analyzed the product. You want to see this because you want to know for sure what’s in the product. If the vendor cannot produce a certificate of analysis then guess what? You don’t know what’s in it and they don’t know what’s in it either. Okay. So unless there’s a seal, a certificate that goes along with the product, I wouldn’t buy it. So that’s question number 1, that you need a “yes.”

Question number 2 comes from where the CBD was originally farmed. Most CBD is from hemp. The over the counter stuff is from hemp. If the CBD came from the marijuana plant, then it’s only allowed to be sold in dispensaries…cannabis dispensaries. But if you can buy it outside the dispensary, if you can buy it at Walmart, online or whatever, it’s from the hemp plant.

So your question is: This CBD, where was it farmed? Where was the hemp farmed. You want to know that the farming of the CBD came from the USA or maybe even Canada…our neighbor.  At least the farms in the United States and Canada are regulated. There is a regulatory process that is done in the U.S. so it’s safer to buy CBD that comes from the U.S. and Canada than buying CBD that came from Timbuktu, right? Some other country where you have no clue what they do in their farms. Does that make sense so far for you guys? You want it to come from a farm that’s in the U.S. or maybe from Canada…that’s regulated. 

Question number three: So you need two yes’; a COA and farmed in the USA. The third “yes” is  about the manufacturing of the CBD. Where it was made? Is the facility where this CBD was made, GMP certified? Good Manufacturing Process Certified? Is the factory certified, GMP certified? Why is that question important? It’s important because if they are GMP certified, the FDA visits them on a yearly basis to make sure they’re doing their stuff correctly. 

To make sure that their processes have quality.  Because if it’s not GMP certified, how do you know that the CBD was not made in my garage?  Or my kitchen.”

Hélène: “One problem also is that just like you now can buy fake urine tests, unfortunately, some makers can buy fake lab reports. It’s hard to find the information for consumers because if it’s not written on the package, then really, where do I get this information? 

I think that that’s where My Jane comes forward because we do all of that homework before we take any products on board and we make sure that all of the three questions are answered and also that the company is a great, reliable company before we have them on our website or in our boxes. 

So, we do the homework that you just talked about for the client. That’s really what’s important.”

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